Fabric With Sun Protection: The Best For Outdoor Sports

Applying sunscreen to do your sports can be a big hassle. In addition to leaving the skin oily, it can stain your clothes and be inefficient in protection in some cases. The fact is that preserving your skin against ultraviolet rays is an essential step in ensuring your safety daily.

Knowing the discomfort that some products cause, the textile industry found an excellent business opportunity and invested in fabric production with sun protection. In addition to taking care of people’s skin and maintaining health, he also reduces discomfort in sports.

So, how does this fabric work, and what are its benefits? To answer these and other questions, we have developed this article with preliminary information on the subject. Check out!

How Does Sunscreen Fabric Work?

The big difference between traditional fabrics and those that have protection against ultraviolet radiation is in the form of manufacture. While the common ones are produced from various raw materials – such as cotton, nylon, etc. – sunscreen products use fibers derived from titanium dioxide.

This material, characterized as a photoprotector, is responsible for reflecting the sun’s rays instead of allowing its absorption, as occurs in cotton fabrics. This prevents radiation from reaching the skin, preventing burns and, of course, skin problems, such as blemishes and even cancer in the most severe cases.

What Are Your Differentials?

Most fabrics with sun protection do not have a texture different from the traditional ones, making many people doubt its natural effects and benefits. As you have already noticed, the difference between the two models is precisely in the manufacturing process, which guarantees the reflection of the radiation.

However, the fabric with protection offers several benefits, especially for fans of extreme sports and like to be in nature to escape the running routine. In addition to preventing radiation absorption, it has many advantages, such as:

  • it has a quick-drying, without jeopardizing its efficiency;
  • it is a light and elastic fabric, mainly when produced with polyamide and elastane microfiber;
  • prevents odors;
  • avoids the application of sunscreen on the whole body, being necessary only in regions where the fabric does not reach.

How To Choose The Ideal Model?

Faced with so many benefits, the big question always arises: is there any guidance for choosing the best model? Well, the first step is to determine your goal. If you plan to go trekking or climbing, for example, the idea is to choose lighter clothes made with microfiber and spandex for more comfort.

Where Is It Possible To Buy It?

As we mentioned, knowing the origin of the establishment and the integrity of the information it presents is essential to make a good purchase and ensure your safety throughout the practice of sports. Thus, analyzing accredited stores and knowing their reputation is an essential step in the purchase process.

The fabric with sun protection is an excellent ally of athletes, as it guarantees the safety that filters and creams cannot offer. In addition to aesthetics, they bring comfort, health, and well-being, providing unique moments among nature and optimizing your practice of physical activity.

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