Tips and Tricks When it comes to Taking Care of Sunglasses

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People invest a lot of money, time, and energy to find the perfect pair of sunglasses that suit their needs. Buyers look for the right color, pattern, or frame shape that perfectly expresses them. Individuals patiently wait for lenses to be perfectly fitted and for the call telling them that their new eyepieces are ready for pick up. People want to do everything in their power to make their sunglasses last as long as possible. 

Maintenance tips

Listed below are some helpful tips on how to take good care of your sunglasses that can help make them last for a lifetime (or even a couple of years). Check out to know more about lens scratch removal.


Always rinse the eyewear off with clean water before cleaning or wiping them. Even small particles of dirt and dust can settle on the lens, and if people brush those things around on dry lenses, it can cause scratches.

Spray carefully

If you are going to use artificial chemicals, use cleansers or sprays that are specifically made to clean lenses. Do not use household chemical cleansers because these things contain ammonia that can actually tear off the coatings that are on the lens.

Air dry

Owners need to allow their sunglasses to air dry if they can. It is another excellent way to keep materials from getting onto the lens. If owners cannot set them to air dry, use a clean, soft, and lint-free cloth to wipe them down.

Use the right towel or cloth

DO not use tissue, napkins, or paper towels to dry the lenses. Regardless of how soft these materials on the skin, they have a textured surface and can scratch the sunglasses pretty easily. Not only that, avoid using the tail-end of the shirt. If the cloth is not 100% made of cotton, its fiber will scratch the sunglasses’ lens in the long run. Clothing can also have dust and dirt on it. It means that the residue might end up transferring to the eyepiece.

Grip firmly

Hold the frame by gripping the part that touches the bridge of the nose. It will keep people from accidentally bending frames while cleaning. Bent glasses can affect the way users see out of their eyewear. Not only that, if the frame is bent out of shape, there is a good chance that it will feel uncomfortable to wear.

Put it in the right place

Put eyepieces like Dita glasses in a secure place when you are not wearing them. It is not just an excellent way to keep dirt and dust away from the eyewear, but it can also be protected from getting bent, broken, or scratched. If people do not want a big and bulky case, small and sleeker ones are readily available in stores or eye clinics. Eyewear bags made of microfibers are also an excellent way to keep them secure and safe. You can put it on your nightstand or office desk if you are not using it.

Place carefully

Do not lay the sunglass lens down. It is just asking to get scratched.

Wash often

Washing these things at least once or twice a day will keep them in pristine condition and optimal state. The cleaner the lens, the less likely the eye will experience strain when looking through dust, dirt, and smudges.

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