What is a swab test?

The situation for Covid-19 infection is not getting any better. Some of the countries in this world had been affected badly since this pandemic started in December 2019. Not just that, it was also reported that this virus had its own variants and it is deadlier than its predecessor. This news will definitely send shivers down the spine for most of us. Who would have taught a small microorganism can cause chaos this big? People who got infected with Covid-19 virus will likely get symptoms such as fever, cough and also shortness of breath. If you think that you are experiencing this symptom, it is a wise thing to quickly meet your doctor in order to get tested for Covid-19 possible infection. Besides, you can always choose to undergo Covid-19 test on your own by simply typing the keyword such as Covid test near me in your web browser. Nowadays, a lot of companies have offered this test in order to help lessen the burden under the governments.

When you sign up for a Covid-19 test, you will be referred to do a test called a swab test. Now, what is a swab test? A swab test is a specific test that is used to detect whether you are infected by Covid-19 virus or not. This test is done in a quick manner. During the test, the handler will ask you to sit and relax. He then will insert a long swab into your nose. During this time, it is very important for you to remain calm and not move too much. There are some risks that you might get if you are not calm enough. You can get a nose infection or can also rupture your brain fluid. So, bear in mind to always stay calm. It might just take a few seconds. You will feel a little bit uncomfortable. Your eyes might become teary and your throat might become itchy. But all of these are normal and will go away on their own. After a few swabs, your swab test is done.

So, what happens after the test? After they have taken your sample, they will need to send it to a lab for test purposes. Usually, the lab will take around less than a week to produce a result. The result can be either positive or negative. As the name suggests, a positive result simply indicates that you are being infected by Covid-19 virus, while a negative result means you are free from any infection. If you are a positive Covid-19 individual, the government will inform you to undergo some Covid-19 virus protocols. Usually, they will ask you to isolate yourself in your house in order to minimize the risk of infection to other people. The isolation protocol will usually take around two weeks. It is recommended for you to also practice other Covid-19 protocols during the isolation such as hand sanitization and frequent cleaning of your house area.

If your Covid-19 infection is bad and severe, the government will order you to undergo isolation at any Covid-19 isolation place such as the hospital. This is to ensure that you receive full support and treatment during your infection time. Usually, people with severe covid-19 infection will be given supportive treatments that will help to decrease and lessen their symptoms. The supportive treatments might include fever treatment, cough syrup or any breathing supportive machine if needed. It will be a very stressful situation if you are being isolated because of Covid-19 infection. So, it is very important to stay positive and mentally strong during this situation.

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