World-Renowned Chefs Reveal Secret Tricks to Better Microwaved Food

Only a part of microwaves potentially is enjoyed by a majority of people worldwide. The new models of the microwave come with a variety of functionalities and features. This enables faster, healthier, and cost-effective cooking. Most of the microwave models are also accompanied by a booklet filled with interesting recipes that range from traditional sponge cakes to other microwave heaters food (ไมโครเวฟ อุ่น อาหาร, which is the term in Thai) like one-pot fried rice, mac, and cheese, etc, to give you an idea of what all can be done with this magical electronic appliance.

Irrespective of how magical the system looks; it runs on a scientific principle. The appliance gives out microwaves which direct the food water molecules to vibrate, hence developing heat. Here are a few tricks to make the best use of your microwave.

Know the Tricks to Ace the Art of Microwaved Food

Steer Away from Putting Thicker Foods Inside the Microwave

A majority of the microwave models are designed to penetrate food with one inch and lesser. Hence, for better results, prefer slicing the food or cutting them into halves when putting them inside the microwave, to ensure seamless cooking.

Avoid Turkey Cooking in Your Microwave

While it is possible to cook larger food items, the cooking of the food interiors happens when the heat from the exterior of the food is radiated inwards. The process of cooking food items that are more than an inch thicker not only slows down the process but becomes inefficient as well. So, it is better to stay away from turkey and chicken cooking inside the microwave.

Slit or Make Holes in The Food Items

It is a general tendency of the microwave ovens to heat the exterior edges of your food plate in the first place, hence leaving the mid-portion of the plate cold. When using the microwave to re-heat your food, make sure not to place anything at the center of the plate. Instead, line up the items around the plate edges to pave way for uniform heating.

Place Thicker Food Items Around the Edges of The Plate

Always consider placing food items with thicknesses of more than an inch like instance drumsticks or chicken leg pieces around the exterior edge of your plate. Arrange the thin food items at the center of the plate.

Post Heating, Add Salt

Microwaves can get attracted by salt. So, in case if you have made a thin salt layer on top of your favorite food, chances are the upper portion of your food might dry out. If you prefer salty foods, consider adding it once you are done re-heating your food or ensure to mix up the salt in your food well before placing it inside the microwave. Making the best use of your microwave and whipping unusual microwave heaters food like eggs and brownies are possible too if you know the correct way to do it. Adhere to these tricks for tastier, healthier, and better food.

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