What is a Compressor and How it Functions?

The compressor is amongst the most vital parts of your AC unit. Not just does the compressor play a crucial function in the cooling procedure, yet it also makes certain that the system functions constantly and successfully. To understand just how your air conditioner compressor functions, you ought to know about its area, maintenance, function, as well as repair service requirements. Once you do, you’ll comprehend the link between your AC unit’s compressor and routine HVAC system upkeep through a professional maintenance service, such as Wolfers Air Conditioning service and repairs.


The compressor can be located in the outdoor cooling system, at the rear, or on the side of your residence. Various other integral parts within the outside device include the condenser coil, condenser, and fan.

The exterior unit connects to the indoor component of your air conditioning system through a copper cooling agent tube. When attached, these two components collaborate to absorb hot air from within your house as well as transform it into awesome air.


To understand how the compressor functions, think about the cooling process for a split-system central air conditioner. The AC unit pulls warmth out of the air in your home, cools it over a set of cold pipelines, a condenser coil, as well as launches the amazing air right into your home. The evaporator coil stays cool many thanks to a fluid cooling agent that soaks up hot air as well as alters it to gas. This gas then gets transferred outside of the condenser coil and the gas once again becomes liquid. From there, the cycle proceeds.

How does the compressor fit into the image? 

The compressor is responsible for relocating the refrigerant in between the evaporator as well as condenser coils, making certain that the cooling agent adjustments to fluid or gas as required. You can consider the compressor “the heart” of your AC system, as well as the refrigerant, which acts as the blood. The compressor’s duty is to pump the refrigerant throughout the system for keeping it alive as well as running correctly.


Keeping the compressor is crucial for the total performance of the cooling device. Nevertheless, do not attempt to maintain this part on your own. Throughout a service appointment, your cooling and heating professional, such as https://www.wolfersheating.com/air-conditioning/, will examine the compressor for any type of noticeable failure or damages. Your solution tech might likewise inspect the compressor pads to make certain that the system does not have any kind of electric issues which can impact the compressor.

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