Floors That Stand Out

Mosaics are an option for your floor to be the subject of compliments in the bathroom according to www.belktile.com. Choose a ceramic that helps you create original and colorful designs and let the floor be the center of attention.

If a mosaic floor is a hazardous alternative for your taste, you can also opt for patterned ceramics, which will achieve the same task: to make your floor stand out. Of course, it is essential to keep a simple decoration in the rest of the bathroom.

For homes with a minimalist trend, smooth and large tiles are recommended for the floor, especially in sober and classic colors.

If your bathroom is large, you can bet on using small hexagonal tiles and in dark colors on your floor. This is a very fashionable and exquisite trend.

Ceramic floors that emulate wood in the bathroom are always a wise choice. This option will add a lot of character thanks to its beautiful color.

You can also choose this walnut color model or this one. Both allow an easy and harmonious decorative combination. If you prefer porcelain to ceramic, this option is also available in wood color.

Caring For Your Ceramics

To keep your ceramic and tiles full of color and extend their useful life, it is essential to take care of them by following good maintenance and cleaning routine.

Use cleaning products designed for this task and avoid powerful ones that can damage the color of the ceramic.

This upholstery cleaner, Tuff Stuff, is ideal as it dissolves dirt from various surfaces, including ceramic.

Joints and corners tend to get dirty; clean them use a toothbrush, as their size will allow you to do it more effectively.

A homemade recipe for effective tile cleaning is a solution of vinegar with water. Use a cloth dampened in this liquid and wipe it over the entire tiled area. Then wipe with water.

Spotless Floors

In ceramic floors, their cleaning is usually simple compared to floors made of other materials, although you must take care to keep the joints or joints clean since that is where dirt accumulates.

The smooth ceramic floor can be cleaned from time to time with a brush, liquid detergent, and a cloth. For your daily cleaning, you can apply the product that you regularly use for this purpose.

If the ceramic is porous, it is recommended to use salt or baking soda with water. After applying it, it is essential to remove all traces of this solution so that the floor is not opaque.

Finally, if an accident has occurred and one of the ceramic pieces in your bathroom has come off, the clear, general-purpose silicone will allow you to seal with fantastic grip on smooth surfaces.


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