Why Install Reversible Air Conditioning In Your Home?

Do you want to buy an air conditioner and you are thinking of which to buy? Here are reasons why you need to install a reversible air conditioner:

A Practical System For Maximum Comfort

The advantage of reversible air conditioning is that it offers a 2 in 1 system: it allows you to heat and cool your interior. It is also a way to reduce the multiplication of devices in your home. A single transmitter can regulate the temperature of your home throughout the year: it’s cheaper and less cumbersome than having to bother with two independent systems.

A common complaint about air conditioners is that they are noisy. To reassure yourself about the noise nuisance of reversible air conditioners, remember that:

settings allow switching to a “silent” mode at night to reduce noise as much as possible (around 19 dB (A)

new air conditioners which offer tune ups for your unit are much quieter, even for less prestigious brands. Refer to the standards and certifications guaranteeing the quality of the equipment (when choosing your air conditioner.

Finally, if you want an invisible and efficient installation, turn to ducted air conditioning. The interior part is placed in false ceilings or the attic for total discretion: only the diffuser is visible, and above all, we cannot hear it! Of course, this system requires more substantial work compared to a traditional installation.

Very Good Yield And Controlled Consumption

Reversible air conditioning or air-to-air heat pump is a very efficient system. It allows real energy savings while ensuring the comfort of your home. In addition, with the new air conditioning systems, it is very easy to control your consumption: you can adjust the temperature to the nearest degree

“economic” modes help you reduce the consumption of your air conditioning

some air conditioners offer the Inverter system, which allows you to regulate alone the flow of hot or cold air blown into your home, without ever stopping. It allows real energy savings, especially compared to starting (which is the most energy-consuming moment of air conditioning).

Professional Help Essential For The Installation

Professionals must carry out the installation of reversible air conditioning. To ensure the quality of the work, it is better to turn to certified companies for repair service. This certification ensures that your contact will advise you the best during the installation of your air conditioning but that he will also maintain your air conditioning over the years.

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