Private or Public Cloud – Which One is Good for My Business?

Both private and public cloud computing have some advantages and some disadvantages. Consideration of choosing any cloud between private and public cloud depends on some factors. 

Public Cloud

Public cloud computing refers to the servers which are delivered through internet and used publically.


  • In public cloud, you don’t need to worry about maintenance because it is maintained by the cloud service provider. 
  • It is location independent because the service of public cloud delivers to the user via the internet. So you can access it from anywhere.
  • You can scale up or scale down your resources according to your need.
  • Public cloud serves affordable pricing package. The service may be based on monthly subscription, sometime may be free, or sometime depends on your consuming recourses amount.


Public cloud serves low security. It is not good for any sensitive data of an organization because it is accessed the same information by so many people. Moreover, it will be available in public. Public cloud is less customized than private cloud.

Private Cloud

Private cloud computing refers to the server which is used by any single organization i.e. it belongs to a specific organization. Private cloud is secured. It does not share their network with other customers. Public cloud is maintained by the organization or also third parties.


  • It provides high security and customer data and other sensitive information does not flow out of a private infrastructure. 
  • In the private cloud, only authorised people can access data. Other users cannot access data.
  • It is more customisable and organizations get to customize their solution as per requirement.
  • It provides improved reliability.


Private cloud is expensive because it provides special benefits such as security, privacy, and high scalability. 

But the scalability is limited. You cannot scale down according to your need.

Private cloud provides limited access to mobile users.

Choosing Between Private Cloud and Public Cloud

If your company wants to use quick service expansion cloud infrastructure in low or affordable price range, then your best option is public cloud. But if your company wants super level security of sensitive data, high customization, high reliability, and good scalability, you should choose private cloud from a reputed provider like WeHaveServers

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