How Tipping at a strip club works


When you plan to go out on the town and hit a strip club or two, it goes without saying that you want an epic night out. After months of being cooped up, endless streaming and zoom interactions you need it. There are a few things you should know in order to have a first-class, Grade A strip club experience.

Of course strippers are there to make sure that you and your mates have the best time but remember that they are professionals and should be treated with respect. If you are a nice customer, you will be treated nicely. It helps to learn a few things about the basic dos and don’t of tipping in a strip club.

#1.  Remember that stripping is only a job

The important thing to remember when you go to a strip club Melbourne is that strippers are simply doing a job. When you do a job, you expect to be paid for it. It’s like a musician who goes to sing on stage, or a ballerina performing on stage and any entertainer for that matter. They may love what they do but they have to make a living and for strippers, making a living by taking their clothes off and dancing for your pleasure.

#2. Tip to show how much you are enjoying a performance

Talented entertainers make it look easy. They can work the pole, rock the stage and settle on your lap – and switch it off an on to make every guy they perform for feel like he is the king – at least for 20 minutes or so. It’s actually hard work. These performers take time to perfect those moves, those barely-there costumes cost money. They need the make up, those impossible-to walk on shoes and so much more. A lot goes into the making of a stripper and it all costs money. So, if a stripper leaves you mesmerized, thank them with a good tip.

#3. The best seats are for good tippers

If you take a seat close to the stage, be ready to keep the tips going – it’s an unspoken strip club rule. The acceptable rule is tip at least a dollar per song. If you plan on being in a strip club for a couple of hours and have some money for a one-on-one experience with one of the performers, get a lot of ones. Start the party slowly and work your way to gives or tens or maybe even twenties.

#4. Everyone has to tip

Groups cannot have one designated tipper. All of you must tip. The more tips coming from one section of the room means more attention being diverted over that side.

Lap dances come with a house rate but you still need to tip. Your performed will appreciate you more of you are willing to tip extra for the performance.

# 5. Remember to give the host or hostess a little something

If you want to get the best treatment, the best lap dances and more flesh and smiles coming your way, tip the host or hostess. She is the director of the show, she controls the flow. Give a ten or twenty, especially if she helped you organise an event or was especially gracious to you.

#6. Whenever in doubt, ask somebody

If it’s your first time at a strip club Melbourne or you decide to go to one that you are unfamiliar with, it doesn’t hurt to ask what the tipping protocol is. Do you throw it on the floor, or tuck it in her underwear? It’s best not to assume or you might end up having a horrible experience.

When it comes to strip clubs, be prepared to spend. With drinks thrown in, a trip to the strip club can turn out to be expensive but you should pace yourself. You don’t have to “make it rain”, just be sensible with you generosity. A couple of dollar bills can buy you the most epic night of your life.

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