Hero Pleasure Plus 110 – The most affordable cute scooter on sale?

How can we all forget the age-old Hero advertisement for the first-generation Pleasure – “Why should boys have all the fun”? In a way, it was a clever idea to help market the product particularly for women. It created waves when it was first launched and was the prime reason behind the advent of light-weight scooters at affordable prices, targeted mainly at women. The Pleasure has been around for nearly two decades, but sales have dropped drastically as the rivalry is pretty fierce. In 2019, Hero finally decided to usher in an all-new avatar of the scooter, called the Pleasure Plus. It sports a completely new look and comes with a peppier engine, among a host of other updates.

Pleasurable looks

The Hero Pleasure Plus 110 has styling that cannot go unnoticed, and this is exactly what lures customers. The design is all-new, but we’re happy to report that the scooter retains its compact dimensions. Some say there are elements that hint at retro appeal; we don’t think so though. The design of the Hero Pleasure Plus 110 is pretty, without a shadow of doubt. While the headlamp looks somewhat familiar, the body structure matches nothing on the market. It’s a modern design that is simple on the eye, and we’re sure it’ll turn a few inquisitive heads. We particularly like it in this classic light blue shade, but there are many other colours to choose from, like Glossy White, Matt Axis Grey, Glossy Black, Glossy Red, Matt Red and Matt Green.

But upon closer inspection, we found that the scooter has been built to a cost. The plastic body panels feel a bit flimsy and the rear half of the seat feels too soft. And at about 40-50kph, we found the front apron vibrating quite annoyingly. Fit and finish levels could use some improvement. Despite being a budget scooter, it gets equipped with features like an LED underseat light, a USB charging socket and a front glovebox. Then of course, you get the basics, like an analogue instrument cluster and a halogen bulb-powered headlamp.

Peppier than before

The original Hero Pleasure was among the highest-capacity scooters in its class, back when it was launched many moons ago. Somewhere in 2005 or 2006, it rivaled the likes of other lightweight scooters, like the Scooty Pep+ from TVS, the Bajaj Spirit and the lot, all being of 80cc capacity and thereabouts. The Pleasure, on the other hand, came with a 102cc engine, making it the peppiest of the lot. However, years have gone by and 100cc motors don’t cut the mustard anymore. Hence, Hero Bikes have given the Pleasure Plus a 110.9cc engine that also does duty in the Maestro Edge and Duet, developing 7bhp and 8.7Nm of torque.

Like all Hero Bikes, the engine starts without any hiccups, and once you open the throttle and start moving, the Hero Pleasure Plus 110 starts to pick up pace gradually and doesn’t sound coarse while at it. The engine is definitely smooth, but still can’t be compared to what the Japanese have to offer. The new Hero Pleasure Plus 110 is faster than the model it has replaced, and the new model can reach a top speed of 90kph. Throttle response is quite mild; perfect for someone buying a scooter for the first time. Unfortunately, the scooter misses out on Hero’s auto start-stop tech, i3S.

Easy rider

Getting to know your Pleasure Plus is not rocket science; it’s small, you’re seated lower than most other high-capacity scooters and the light-weight frame makes it ideal for someone who is learning how to ride. The scooter feels nimble to ride, but stability is not the Pleasure Plus’ forte, mainly because of its tiny 10-inch wheels. The scooter features drum brakes and a trailing arm front suspension that works well. The brakes work decently too and it gets combined braking. And since this scooter is aimed at first-time riders, the brakes at the back offer sharper bite. It is also a comfortable scooter to ride within the city.

Buy one, then

Hero has always been renowned for its cut-throat pricing, and the Pleasure Plus happens to be the most affordable of the lot on offer in the market. There is a very mild price hike over the old Pleasure and you definitely get bang for your buck. It makes a lot of sense investing in a scooter like this, for it is easy to ride and easy on your wallet too. Also, grab the latest info on the upcoming scooters, only at autoX.

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