Few Of The Best ATV Or UTV Trails Available In The USA

Nowadays most states are having a minimum of 1 to 2 great ATV trails, hence you can easily hop into your ATV and experience new bumps, thrills, and the scenery that goes along with your making of an epic about ATV experience.

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Here in this article, however, we shall restrict our discussion to a few best ATV/UTV trails that you can get in the country.  


There are many popular trails with unpaved roads of thousands of miles all around Moab, which will be the impeccable location for ATV enthusiasts. Moab will offer you a few great challenges, incredible views, and plenty of fun activities.

Paiute ATV trail 

This is the biggest trail in the country. In central Utah, it is spread over 2,000 miles and features 

  • Rock formations
  • Wild forests
  • Lakes
  • Diverse wildlife

It is made up of primary trails of almost 300 miles stretch over 4 Utah counties.

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Hatfield-McCoy trail system

This is the most famous trail in the country and also called “Trails Heaven”. There are professionally managed trails covering more than 600 miles with scenic mountain views and also twisting turns available in the woods.

Imperial dunes

This is also called Glamis and is located in California’s southernmost section. Having 20,000+ acres of open area for off-roaders, and not only one of the biggest masses of dunes in California, and also the biggest recreation area in the U.S.

Brimstone recreation area

This area offers 300+ miles of completely off-road trails. It is located on more than 19,000 acres in the northeastern part of Tennessee and features scenic overlooks, riverside views, and many mountain trails.

Aroostook County trail

Northern Maine has got a deep wilderness, a gorgeous landscape, and also abundant ATV Trails! A most favorite spot among most of the ATV enthusiasts those who are located in Aroostook County.

Sawtooth National Forest

You will find a few most scenic views in Sawtooth National forest where certain epic camping is always going on. It is located along the river of south Fork Boise, which is 11 miles away from Featherville.

Montana OHV trails

Although Montana OHV trails are just a short route of 23 miles, it is a great trail and offers many different terrains that are flawless for all kinds of OHVs right from ATVs, Jeeps, etc. 

Ride-royal blue resort

Famous for being the best UTV destination in the country where you can enjoy exciting rides on 600+ miles of trails that feature wildlife and waterfalls. You can also find a very wide range of difficult trails. 

Ocala national forest

This is positioned in central Florida which is just the north side of Orlando and offers ATV trails of 200+ miles and trails of 80+ miles i.e. off-road for bigger vehicles.

These are the available UTV or ATV trails for you in the US. Choose the one that works perfectly for your requirement. 

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