Double- Or Double-Glazed Windows: Energy Efficiency And Comfort

Double- or double-glazed windows can be the ideal solution if you are looking for more and better thermal and acoustic insulation for your home. The double windows or double glazing can be a very rewarding investment is usually spending much money on heaters or cooling the house. Its more than proven thermal insulation allows for significant energy savings that positively impact the environment and your wallet.

For this reason, it makes perfect sense to review the window frames of your home and, if it is obsolete, the application of double- or double-glazed windows may be the right option. Clarify all your doubts.

Double- Or Double-Glazed Windows: What They Are And What Are The Advantages


double windows – In this case, the option is to juxtapose two normal windows, that is, each one composed of a single glass.

Double Glass

Double glazed windows consist of two panes of glass separated from each other by a space hermetically filled with dry air, which provides excellent acoustic and thermal insulation, thus reducing energy consumption.


Double glazing is nothing more than two sheets of glass separated by a layer of dry air, which serves as insulation and reduces heat transmission by half. If the layer is composed of gases such as argon or krypton and is thicker, the insulation is even greater;

In order not to accumulate heat, you should opt for an outer layer of reflective or selective glass;

Select 6mm and 4mm double glazing and a 12mm air gap in between. This will improve your efficiency;

Double window like double glazing windows Beckham or double-glazing systems reduce heat losses by about half compared to normal glass, in addition to decreasing air currents, water condensation, and ice formation;

Always choose double windows or double-glazed window frames with thermal cut;

In addition to thermal insulation, this solution also offers good acoustic insulation and safety;

The thermal insulation obtained with these windows allows for significant energy and economic savings;

These glasses offer greater regulation of natural light;

This model can be applied in different situations, such as large glazed areas, classic, rustic and modern housing.

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