A Guide to Wonderful Places in Mandalika Lombok

Lombok Island unarguably has craggy landscapes with a vast stretch of white sand beach and lush green hills. Many tourism sites are best-kept to pamper you with a cozy and tranquil atmosphere besides stunning scenic views. One of the greatest sites, Mandalika Lombok, a hidden paradise, has now emerged as the island’s leisure heart.

Lombok’s Mandalika was ‘a contributor’ greatest secret. It yells paradise with crystal clear water, a white sand beach, and a picturesque landscape. Mandalika also boasts thrilling water parks, vibrant nightclubs and pubs, and luxurious hotels. All in all, Mandalika is comparable to Bali, its neighboring island. Read this short travel guide before flying into Mandalika!

Getting There

Mandalika is very easy to reach since Lombok has an international airport. By Jakarta, Malaysia, or Singapore, you can take a direct trip to Lombok. Mandalika is located not too far from the airport, ss you do not have anything to worry about. The flight takes approximately 2 hours from Jakarta, although it takes a shorter time to fly from Bali. When you have lots of time and want to enjoy the trip, you can take a ferry from Bali’s Padang Bai into Lombok’s Lembar Harbor. In the harbor, you will have to have a taxi or bus to Mandalika, which generally takes approximately two to three hours.

Getting around is as easy as becoming Mandalika. You can opt for public transport which local men and women title Bemo. This automobile covers almost the whole place of Lombok, such as Mandalika. It is also possible to rent a vehicle or bike to explore the island. But walking might be the best option since the majority of the facilities are pretty near.

Some Great Destinations

  1. Experience exciting surfing at Gerupuk Beach

Lombok is heaven to surfers. This little island provides lots of beaches with perfect waves for surfing, one of which will be Gerupuk Beach. It’s challenging waves, for this reason, most surfers from all around the world see this destination. Anyway, you may even enjoy the picturesque landscape from this website.

  1. Marvel the Merese Hill

Merese Hill is another ideal viewpoint to see the natural splendor of Mandalika. You may scale the lush green hills and find a better view from above. But the place can be so busy in the afternoon, and that means you can enjoy the panoramic view in the daytime or at noon.

  1. Beach trip to Kuta Lombok

Not many tourists understand that Lombok also has Kuta Beach. This tourism website may be a perfect place to start the trip at Mandalika. Kuta Lombok boasts a long, white sand shore that will help unwind away from the city audience. You may even wait for the sun to set behind the horizon. What a stunning moment!

  1. Visit Ende Village

Another thing you could perform in Mandalika Lombok is seeing Ende Village. The area is inhabited by Sasak sub-ethnic teams who maintain and conserve their old heritage and way of life. Lately, Sasak men and women eschew modern staples including technology and electricity. That is a place you should see in Lombok to find a new point of view.

  1. Explore Sade Village

If you want to know more about the culture of Lombok, researching Sade Village ought to give you the enthusiasm that you need.  The traditional village is rich in culture, so you can procure an unforgettable experience when researching the village.

  1. Stroll down to the lonely Seger Beach

The hidden paradise is named Seger Beach. This spot has crystal clear water and white sand beach with hillscapes. To have a better viewpoint, you can climb the hills. The beach does not receive too many visits, thus it is possible to feel like a private shore. It is also a wonderful idea to construct a camp by the beach and enjoy the dark night.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Mandalika by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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