5 Picturesque Spot in Bandung Indonesia

Bandung consistently has fresh and majestic tourist destinations. Currently, there are many Instagramable areas in Bandung that are fresh and can be your vacation choice. Weekends are the time to spend with the family to eat or enjoy the natural scenery. Vacation feels less complete if you don’t upload photos to social networks. Therefore, many areas carry the concept of tourist attractions with trendy and instagrammable photo spots. Here we offer a list of Instagrammable locations in Bandung that you can visit on weekends. Don’t forget to prepare your best outfit, because the location is very cool. Guaranteed, you will be addicted to capturing memories here.

1. Orchid Forest Cikole

Orchid Forest is said to be the largest orchid garden in Indonesia. This location can be found in the Lembang area, a plateau with a cool atmosphere. There you will find some orchid collections. In this 12 hectare land, you will find more than 157 types of orchids that are cultivated. Orchid seeds in this region come from several countries in the American continent, including Venezuela, the United States, and Peru.

Visitors can find exciting pictures from various regions in this place. Other facilities are pine forest, flying fox, Rabbit Forest, camping ground, and suspension. Uniquely, at night, the wooden bridge in this spot has been transformed into a beautiful cool garden. The attraction of the New Tourist Attraction is orchid farming and conservation in the middle of the largest pine forest in Asia.

2. The Lodge Maribaya

This tourist attraction located in Maribaya is one of the modern tourist destinations. The main attraction is the hilly landscape which is quite instagramable. There are various kinds of rides to choose from, such as dangling swings, hanging bikes, and hot air balloons. The expanse of mountains in the background of the scenery in this place adds to the attraction of this tourist attraction.

3. Small Seoul

If you are a fan of Korean culture, then you must visit this Little Seoul Café. The place is not far from Bandung Station. As the name implies, Shades of Seoul tries to be introduced to the cafe through its layout made to the maximum extent possible. The allure of Small Seoul Korea is that it provides you with Korean dining places in Bandung, as well as instagrammable photo spots on every corner.

There are lots of interesting photo spots, namely construction models with an extraordinary Korean traditional architectural layout. There is also a Korean clothing costume rental area called Hanbok. The leasing fee is only IDR 30,000. You can even enjoy authentic South Korean cuisine. You will find two restaurants that can be visited, namely Chingu Cafe along with Chagiya Korean BBQ. These restaurants provide many Korean specialties that are famous for their deliciousness, for example, Kimchi, Kimbap, Bibimbap, Bulgogi, Ramyeon, etc.

Food prices at Little Seoul Bandung can be considered cheap starting from IDR 20,000 / percentage. This location is a small Korean place that cooperates with the South Korean authorities. Here you may feel the strong Korean air from the air of the location, to the food. Wear your best clothes because every corner is quite Instagramable!

4. D’dieu property

Don’t admit to being a slang if you haven’t visited D’Dieuland in Punclut, Dago while on a trip to the city of Bandung. This tourist destination will be suitable for families from all walks of life, from children to adults. You can explore many outdoor activities. In this one complex ddieuland place, you can visit many cafes, such as dago bakery, incline anteng, tafso, and horizon. As a result, you are guaranteed to be satisfied if you come here because you can simultaneously visit many tourist attractions in just one area.

5. Farm House

If you want to feel the feel of a vacation to Europe, then you don’t need to go far, just go to Lembang. In the Lembang Bandung area, there is a tourist spot with European nuances, namely the Farm House. Indoors, there’s European-inspired construction and there’s also an iconic photo stand in the shape of The Hobbit’s house. You can even rent conventional European clothes to complete your selfie agenda. As the name implies, you can also see creatures such as cows, cows, and horses on existing farms. You can even taste the milk drink from this plantation.

Vacation is more than just the scenery, it’s about making long-lasting memories. Discover more adventures in Bandung by visiting Wonderful Indonesia.

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